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while capitalising on an opportunity to discuss the values that we feel are vital in creating a positive ethos in all of our schools. We visited five primary schools in a whistle-stop tour, working closely with Duror, Ballachulish, Glencoe, St Bride’s and Kinlochleven.

The sessions began with the S1 pupils reading a series of books to their junior counterparts in groups, before discussing the themes addressed in each story. Following the book reading session, the students then got together to act out a scene from their story with their fellow pupils forming the audience. In perfect keeping with Oscar season, the pupils delivered some outstanding performances to rival many of the A-listers, sending shockwaves through the Hollywood elite, while providing the audience with a clear understanding of the themes running through their stories.

The performances were followed by a question and answer session exploring the values we feel contribute a great deal when trying to create a community where all pupils feel safe,  comfortable and welcome, providing optimum conditions for learning and affording them the opportunity to realise their full potential. The discussion that followed highlighted what we already knew which is that the values of our schools are already closely aligned. Our school communities should be places where every student feels included and is treated with compassion, where students develop their level of confidence and powers of resilience with a view to helping them to achieve success.

As one of many transition events offered by Kinlochleven High School, this particular outing proved to be a roaring success, further strengthening the relationship between Kinlochleven and its feeder schools.

Above all else, the students acquitted themselves with distinction, leading the majority of the session, making new friends and performing at the highest level, leaving the adults wondering why they were left with a cameo role. As always, we look forward to working closely with all of our schools in the weeks and months to come.

By Joe Hannaway
Depute Head