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We need:-
  • 31 pupils as Flag Bearers from 7.30 - 8pm on Thursday 13th September at the Opening Ceremony
  • 6 pupils to help with medals at each of the medal presentations. These will be at:-
    • 8pm on Thursday 13th September (straight after the Opening Ceremony)
    • 5pm on Friday 14th September
    • 5pm on Saturday 15th September
    • 5pm on Sunday 16th September
  • They are also looking for volunteers to help with Car Parking and water distribution
There is a free hoodie available for each volunteers, as well as SALTIRE hours. All we need to know is what size you want.

There will also be two 'fun races' for U18  on Sunday 16th September for anyone who wants to take part.

If you would like to volunteer, please let Mrs Machin know.

Many thanks