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Head teacher Rebecca Machin is delighted with these youngsters achievements but us keen to make sure all results are respected within their own contexts.

“As head teachers, we are always asked about the pupils who get straight As and, wonderfully this year we have five youngsters who have achieved this impressive feat. We are so proud of them. They all worked so hard.

However, there are a number of young people whose results might not generate headlines but actually represent just as much effort and, in some cases, considerably more resilience to overcome barriers and obstacles to achieve their best and we are equally proud of them.

Constantly talking about straight A grades can be hugely demoralising for the rest of the young people. Likewise, many of these results could not have been achieved without the awesome work of the Support for Learning department who are the true unsung heroes of every school and often the invaluable contribution they make is overlooked. It’s their long term efforts, in collaboration with teaching staff, which allows youngsters to develop at their own pace, to gradually overcome their barriers to learning and to develop the confidence they need to progress through the school qualifications process to the world of work. Without them we’d soon struggle to fill the job vacancies of the future.”