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She very kindly took on this role on last year as a temporary measure. At the time we had all hoped that Mrs Mills would be back in August 2017. Mrs Clark never envisaged that this would become a longer term role and she wants to focus all of her time back in her classroom, teaching Business management. I am very grateful to Mrs Clark for her commitment and hard work in this post. I also appreciate the huge demand that the guidance role puts on staff in terms of time, time management and workload.

This post is temporary until Mrs Mills returns. Rather than re-advertise and retrain staff for a post that is temporary, I have asked Miss Murray if she will take on the role of whole school PT Pupil Support until that date. I am very grateful to Miss Murray for agreeing to do this. It is a huge ask. However, she already has the experience, the training and potentially the flexibility in her timetable to do this. Highland Council have also agreed.

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