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They started the session off with an introduction about equality legislation in the workplace.The students were then able to break off into groups and think about answers to the following questions:-
1.     Does equal opportunity legislation go too far or not far enough?
2.     How would you respond if one of your employees was being homophobically bullied by other members of staff?’
3.     Following a  redundancy situation there is one available post. 5 persons are at risk of redundancy if they do not secure it. One is disabled but fit for the role. One is an employee returning from maternity leave. One is at the normal retirement age. The remaining two are in their 20s and suffer no ill health. Who do you offer the job to?
4.     Is it a defence to a discrimination claim by saying that the act complained of was “just a joke” and that “I didn’t mean to offend?
Lots to think about! Mnay thanks to DYW West Highland and to Ledingham Chalmers for organising this session and giving up so much of your valuable time.