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Dear All,

As you will be aware, we have several pupils in school with a variety of allergies. We were recently reminded of the fact that we share a collective responsibility for all members of our community and that keeping everyone safe is of paramount importance.

As such, we have decided to share this traffic light list with you to help raise awareness of allergies in school. It would be helpful if you could have a look at the list and discuss it with your child at some point. This is a constantly evolving list that can and does change regularly, although we feel that it will provide some guidance on snacks that are safe to take to school.  

There can be no doubt that our community as a whole is a hugely supportive and caring community and we simply ask that you give some consideration to the snacks listed when coming to school. As you know, we are a nut free school and we are immensely proud of the responsible attitude shown by our pupils with regard to taking care of others in the school community.

There will be a whole school assembly on Thursday that will deal with the different types of allergies that pupils may face and we will work continually to ensure that all are educated on the risks associated with certain products and what we can do to ensure that all of our young people are kept safe in school.

Your support with this endeavour would be greatly appreciated.